RIP-OFF WARNING!!! -  "RODELEN SALE” From Davao city- Philippines,  I dealt a trade with this faggot several months ago, I shipped my package in the agreed time but he never did the same, at first  he justified  himself saying that he had fractured his legs  in a motorcycle accident and then he never replied to my E-mails anymore…  This scumbag pretends to be the owner of “Mandarangan Recordings” Actually based in USA, NOT in Philippines and He even has stolen the Mandaragan recs website and releases as trade list in order to prove his “existence”. You who really love and respect underground METAL running your honest and serious labels do yourself a favor and DO NOT agree anything with this loser. This is a warning for South American labels mainly and many others around the world who deal with True and extreme METAL.  Just Beware if you received the following E-mail…

“Hello,Im from dark side of Asia,Mandarangan Rex. a local distro from Philippines, Were searching for underground traders from the opposite HELL land that have their own extreme metal bands in hand, Black Metal/Black/Death/Crust/Experimental/Noise, Death and Trash Metal, no Specific Name.We are in this underground propaganda since late 90s, and by the blessings and mercy of SATAN still active in present,We raise the flag of Underground Metal Scene here in our land.”

Jenwill H. Labor
c/o Rodelen Sale
5th floor. Gaisano Grand Citimall
ilustre st. Davao City

Don´t Fuck with Colombians or you will be murdered!!!