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Beer Soldiers are a bunch of hellish bangers making genuine Blackened Thrash Street Metal. Hailing from Quito Ecuador and after some years of existence, gigging and kicking their livers with the nastiest alcohol ever found in the underworld, here is their debut album! 
World: 10 usd + postage


Compilation CD, one of the finest Black Heavy metal acts hailing from Finland which have been hidden and aged under tons of ice and alcohol, all the tunes have been extracted from the infamous "All the Power From Hell" demo 2010, and "Graveyard Noise" 2011 (Split 7" with Dungeon Hammer), as well as the unreleased "Lätkäheviä"Ep 2015. A sum of 9 tracks which state: METAL MUST RETURN TO HELL!!!World: 10 usd + Postage


Rotten leather in communion with Necro Wolves prods proudly announce the official tape re-issue of the infamous Alcoholic Force ¨Worshippers of Hell¨. Six tracks of sheer blackened speed Metal Rock ´ n´ roll hailing from Pasto (Colombia). Tape duplicated professionally (Silver tape with black covers), limited to 200 units. Feel free to get in touch and ask all the necessary questions about this release
Thanks for your mighty support!
World: 8 usd + Postage

WARTIME "Volumen 1" RL009
 Debut album from this Doom metal trio hailing from Bogota Colombia, expect nothing but doomed and blood boiling tunes at the vein of classic acts like Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Pagan Altar and many more mind twisted dudes
Official CD edition packed in a silkscreened box + insert , sticker and textile patch. (Yes.. we are DIY as fuck!!! ) 300 Copies released in communion with Rotten Leather prods ,
 Necro Wolves and Saviour recs
World: 9 usd + shipping costs
Colombia: $ 25.000 + gastos de envío
Trades are more than welcome, we'll be looking forward to hearing your proposals

OUT NOW!!! RL008
We proudly announce our latest release so far with one of our most appreciated bands hailing from the sewers of Ecuador. This reissue includes all stuff already featured in the 2015 tape version by ‘Return the Crusher of Posers prods’, we came up with the idea of doing this CD since we thought it deserved a better and wider feedback that unfortunately the previous tape couldn’t give due to its regional limitation and even quality (We pray Satan for at least good quality blank tapes). CD limited to 300 copies, co-released with NECROWOLVES prods from Colombia too.
Colombia: $20.000 + Gastos de envío (Ventas por mayor disponibles)                            
World: 10 USD + Postage

Trades are the air that we breathe!!!


 We proudly announce our new release with one of the main bands from our headquarters and finally the AF debut album featuring nine tracks of ethyl blackened speed metal from the slums of the third world! Leather Evil leather is a frontal attack; you could easily get into it and love it or simply hate it for being so raw, mean, sloppy, drunk and harsh. Its name is a tribute to the low life that many of the Satanic street heavy metal lovers have faced through the time into this discipline called ‘Evil Metal’ in which; Leather, booze, brawls, cum and blood have been the banner. CD limited to 300 copies (since further editions and licenses will be released)
Colombia: $20.000 + Gastos de envío (Ventas por mayor disponibles)
World: 10 USD + Postage
Trades are the air that we breathe!!!

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We proudly announce that ZEX (Can) Ragnarock Sessions (South American Invasion) is out now and available for the maniacs into the vintage sounds of 70's Heavy Metal/ Punk rock, Yes, this is Metal / Punk but do not expect the nowadays conventional sounds,  ZEX takes you to the 70s Streets full of muthas wearing denim and leather and most them carrying DIY 7 inches of nowadays still rare and underated bands, ZEX reminds you the UK punk 77 or early NWoBHM sounds which can be only heard if you put the  neddle onto  some Satan's Rats or Zorro records. Compilation  in a regular tape + Card and indert featuring their two early singles, Savage city & Wanderlust, regular
5 USD + Postage Worldwide, Colombia $10.000 + gastos de envio
Trades are more than welcome

+  RT005 OUT NOW +

ZEX: Fight for Yourself,  ZEX delivers the finest Heavy Metal Punk/ Hardrock hailing from Canada. debut album officially released  via Rotten Leather prods onto a tape limited to 100 copies. World: 5 USD+ shipping costs / Colombia: $ 10.000 mas gastos de envio, trades are welcome!

Now Rotten Leather  is a division of Return The Crusher of Posers prods, expect nothing but total rotten shit. A new release to be announce in a few hours
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Rotten Leather Prods
R.C.P. Prods has been active since 2011 and it`s been Return the Crusher of Poser`s division. Rotten leather prods is also located in the south of Colombian and  its sole mission is to spread the disease of rotten metal for the evil bangers in communion with the underground sound. You will also find some punk releases as it is our second prefered musical style for the achievement of the the doomsday.  Just look at the available artifacts and if you think your musical taste and attitude match with ours, feel free to get in touch
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Tape releases 2011 

-ALCOHOLIC FORCE: Satan Doesn´t Booze with Posers / Speed N´ Roll (Colombia -Pasto)

-HELLISH DEATH: On the Darkness of your Grave / Black Thrash Metal (Iceland)
-DEATHDEALER: The Path of Blood and Death We Lead as Human Race/ Crusted Black Metal (Belgium)
-ANTIKRISTO: Physical Illumination of Evil / Black Thrash Metal (Colombia)