Diabolic War Noise Zine

                    +++ Diabolic War Noise Zine # 2 (Neverending Hellmetal Worship) +++
We are proud to announce that the second issue of DIABOLIC WAR NOISE zine is out now!
52 xeroxed pages in classic Cut n` Paste layout featuring sick confessions with: MAXIMUM OVERSATAN (USA), HELLPACK (Chil), METAL OR DIE recs (Hun), IRON DOGS (Can), CARRASCO (Bra), FLAGELADOR (Bra), BESTIAL CURSE (Bra), MAGNESIUM (Jap), CONVENT GUILT (Oz), SHITFUCKER (USA), QUINTESSENZ (Ger), LUCERA (USA)+ Bios and tons of UG Cds, tapes, and vinyl reviews.
get it for 5 usd + shipping costs, Colombia: $ 7.000 mas gastos de envio, trades are more than welcome!

+++ Diabolic War Noise Zine (Cumshot # 1) +++
We are proud to announce the first issue of our fanzine DIABOLIC WAR NOISE which features underground information within the interviews to PYÖVELI(Finland), SAURON (us), A.B.H.(Colombia), FISTBANG Recs(Greece),MOTOSIERRA(Chile), WYTCHKRAFT (Brazil), ALCOHOLIC FORCE (Colombia),VAULT (Malaysia), POWER FROM HELL (Brazil) + Biographies from the hellish underground caves and devil`s metal reviews. This pest in 38 photocopied pages, English written, cut n´ paste layout and total devotion for the realest thing that we lead METAL...
Get it for 5 usd world/ 5.000$ Col / trades are welcome....