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+++Tape Distribution+++

Here you go our tape list distribution,,ask for number of availability in case of ordering more than 1 copy of the same item, We try to keep our list updated as long as we can survive. Most of the  tapes: 5 usd + postage,  except the ones marked with * since they might be one or two dollars higher (sorry but I have no time nor will to ship only 1 tape) try to order more than 10 tapes, this will be cheaper for you and feel free to ask for 1 tape extra.
Payments through western union and PayPal are possible, all packets are shipped by certified air mail whose costs might vary depending on the weight rate of the packet as well as your location, (feel free to send us your inquiries about shipping costs)
+++Only Genuine Metal From Hell+++


Precio para COLOMBIA : 10.000$ excepto los tapes marcados con * los cuales pueden tener un aumento de 2-5.000$ (NO Incluye Envió) el ÚNICO método de pago es giro inmediato Efecty, pedidos superiores a 10 tapes incluyen envío gratis, los precios son lo más bajo posible, RCP prods es un sello UNDERGROUND que adquiere sus ítems de distribución directamente de las bandas, sellos y distribuidores oficiales, no tenemos un imperio construido en base de producciones PIRATAS para conseguir lucro, evite escribir si después va a salir con un chorro de babas por que el producto, el giro o el envío le parecen caros o su mejor amigo es mas baratero 
SOLO PERSONAS SERIAS SON BIENVENIDAS,todas sus preguntas a mightyhb88@hotmail.com/dwarnoise88@hotmail.com, seran respondidas a la brevedad posible

 If you run a label or if you are a Distributor, feel free to ask for reduced prices and whole sales if you are interested in spreading our pest, (sales of procovers+ sleeve stickers+ audio cd master + free shipping are possible, but depending on your wished quantity)

we just wanna spread some chaos, shit and deafenng war noise, help us to survive!

+RCP 002+ Black skull: (Bra): Face The Black Skull (Speed Thrash Metal)
+RCP003+ Alcoholic Force (Col) Drunken Heavy Metal Maniacs (Speed n`roll)
+RCP004+ Carrasco (Bra) Aurora Del Sortilegio (Obscure Thrash Metal)
+RCP005+ Sentencial (Par) Attacking and Killing (Thrash Death Metal)
+RCP006+ Criminal Trace (Col): Metal Satan Rape (Thrash Death Metal)
+RCP 007+ Iron Gang (Col): Infernal Crossfire (Black Speed Metal)  SOLD OUT
+RCP008+ Carrasco (Bra): The Hangman Tapes (Obscure Thrash Metal)
+RCP009+ Ceifador (Bra) Alcoholic Speed Metal (Speed Metal)
+RCP010+ Damage Case (Pol): Hangover Antidote (Heavy Thrash Metal)
+RCP011+ Power From Hell (Bra) The True Metal (Black Thrash Metal)
+RCP012+ Power From Hell (Bra) Sadismo (Black Thrash Metal)
+RCP013 +Power From Hell (Bra) Spellbondage (Black Thrash Metal)
+RCP014+ Bulldozing Bastard (Ger) Bulldozing The Vatican (Black Speed n´Roll ) SOLD OUT
+RCP015+ Helldrinking Metal to The Vault ALCOHOLIC FORCE(Col) / VAULT (Mal) (Speed Metal)
+RCP016+ Iron Dogs (Can) Free and Wild (Heavy Speed Metal)
+RCP017+ Posesion (Col) Demo I/ (Death Thrash Metal)
+RCP018+ Nightprowler (Ecu) Drunk Whores and Destruction (Heavy/Speed Metal Punk)

-ABH: Alcoholic Bastards of Hell /South American Black Death Metal (Colombia)
-ALCOHOLIC FORCE: Satan doesn´t booze with posers / Speed N´ Roll (Colombia -Pasto)
-ANTIKRISTO/SACRILEGIO: Split / Thrash Metal (Colombia – Chile)
-ANTIKRISTO: Physical illumination of evil / Black thrash metal (Colombia)
-ATOMIC ROAR: The Warfare Merchants / Thrash Metal/ Punk (Brazil)
-AXECUTER: Bangers Prevail / Heavy Speed Metal (Brazil)
-BESTIAL CURSE: Masters of Mayhem/ Obscure black thrash metal (Brazil)
- BLACK SISTER: Defenders of the metal/ Thrash metal (Scotland)
-BLACK VIRGIN: live Russelsheim 1989 Power/Speed Metal (USA)
-BLASPHEMATOR: demo I / Black Death metal (Chile)
-Bonded by Evil- EVIL MADNESS/EVIL KNIGHT Split / Thrash Metal (Chile)
-CACERIA: Hadez/ Thrash power metal (Paraguay)
-CENDRA - Rock'n'raw/ Black metal punk (Spain)
-CREPUSCULO MALDITO: Necro metal punks / Metal punk (Portugal)
-DAMAGE CASE: Bullet belt users/ Heavy Thrash Metal (Poland)
-DEATHDEALER: The path of blood and death we lead as human race/ crusted black metal (Belgium)
-DEAD ROOSTER /Witches of Belial / Doom metal (Argentina)
- DISEASE OBLIVION - Portals of Past and Present / Black doom Metal (USA)
-EXECUTION: dismantle the cross /thrash metal (USA)
-EXECUTION: sworn to evil /thrash metal (USA)
- FARSCAPE: For Those Who Love To Kill (compilation tape) / Thrash Metal (Brazil)
-FARSCAPE/ VEXED: Split Thrash Metal (Brazil -Italy)
-HATECHARGED: Vomitodio/ Speed metal/Punk (Chile)
-HELLISH: Ancient Inheritance/ Thrash black metal (Chile) 
-HELLISH DEATH: on the darkness of your grave / Black thrash metal (Iceland)
-HRAPP: Wrath of hrapp /Black metal (Denmark)
-IMPERADOR BELIAL: Journey Back to Hell / Black metal (Brazil)
- INSEPULTO/DISRUPTER - El llamado... Recorriendo el sendero hacia la oscuridad Split / Black Metal (Chile)
-INVINCIBLE FORCE: Falsa cruz del tormento / Thrash Metal (Chile)
-INVINCIBLE FORCE: The black ritual/ Thrash Metal (Chile)
-IRON EAGLE: Start a Riot / Metal punk rock n´ roll (Uk)
-KRIEGG: Lust in midnight / Black Metal Punk (USA)
-MANDRAGORA: Steel metal/ Heavy metal (Peru)
-MENTAL DEVASTATION - Brainwash / Thrash Metal (Chile)
-METAPHYSIS: the dark down / Black Death metal (Chile)
- MERCILESS ONSLAUGHT - Mirror of Death / Black/Thrash Metal (Chile)
-MORBID GOAT FORNICATOR: Nuclear vaticano”/Black Death metal (Chile)
-NECRORIPPER: Rehearsal from the grave / Thrash death metal (Chile)
-NEFARIO: Evil Metal/ Black metal/ (Argentina)
-NIHIL DOMINATION: gehovas desecration / Black Death metal (Ecuador)
-NUCLEAR ANTICRISTO: Unholy weapon against humanity / Black Death metal (Chile)
- OCTAGRAM/ MILITIA OF DEATH: Beyond intolerance and silence split/ Black Death metal (Chile)
-OVERBLOOD: Demo I/ Thrash metal (Colombia)
-RAZORWYRE: Coming out / Heavy Speed Power Metal (New Zealand)
-RUBISH MOB: Up the block hole / Thrash Metal (Australia)
- PERVERSION: promo tape 2011/ Thrash Death Metal (USA)
-PESTE: Fuck N ´roll / Thrash metal punk (Chile)
-PUTREXER: Infernal mosh / Thrash metal crossover (Chile)
-RECRUCIFIER: Demo 1 /Black speed metal (Chile)
-RESTOR HUMANOS: Compilation / Death Metal Grindcore (Colombia - Italy)
-SAMMOHAN: Cult of metal /Traditional thrash metal (Finland)
-SATANIC: Ira satanica / Black thrash metal (Bolivia)
-SATANIK GOAT RITUAL:God of atomik termination/ Black Death metal (USA)
-SHELLEY: Heavy metal Para satanistas/ Occult Heavy metal (Canada)
-THRASHERA/ ZERBAGES/ (Split) Thrash Metal (Brazil-France)
-THROAAT: Puke On Your Grave: Speed/ Thrash/ Black Metal (USA)
-TORTURA: Souls in a hole / Thrash metal crossover (Mexico)
-TRASTORNO: Corrosión Sonora/ Doom/Sludge Metal/Crust (Chile)
-ULTRAVIOLENCE: Destruccion masiva en chiloe / Thrash metal (Chile)
-VIOLENTADA: Muertos / Death Thrash Metal (Canada)
-WARNEMENT: Where home is Found/ Thrash metal (Macedonia)
-WITCHCURSE: heavy Metal Poison (Compilation tape, Colombian edition)/ Old school Heavy Metal (Greece)
-WHIPSTRIKER: A Porta A Guerra Civil / Crusted Metal Punk (Brasil)
-YDINTUHO: Demo 2008/ Crust / Thrash metal (Finland)