lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016

New Releases under Rotten Leather prods!!!

Purgatör (Fin) Helveting Meteli compilation CD
Beer Soldiers (Ecu) Alcoholic Roars of Total Destruction Full-lenght CD

For those who have been in touch with us and have checked this site now or since it was first settled, We would like to announce the burial of Return The Crusher of Posers tape label, after many resuscitation attempts this is the end of this sonic journey which started in 2007 with the aim of releasing shit tapes from the bands we play in, (It's a long story which would be nice to tell it personally one day while sharing a few beers). The reasons to this end are diverse and maybe worthless to tell since close  people already know them, the only thing left to say is THANKS to all of you for supporting us and for supporting the chaos spewed by every band we dealt with, a big THANKS to all those wonderful individuals that we got to know thanks to this humble labor. Now It's the beginning of a new stage, the newest pachakutik has been manifested!

We will continue with future release under Rotten Leather prods!
Feel free to get in touch with us


We are proud to announce that RCP018 NIGHTPROWLER: DRUNK WHORES AND DESTRUCTION is wandering over the streets and slums of the infamous third world. 
Get drunk and bash some assholes under the influence of this outstanding, obnoxiuos and mother fucker Heavy Speed Metal / Punk hailing from Ecuador. Tape limited to 100 pieces, 5 usd world + shipping costs, Colombia $10.000 + gastos de envio, Trades are more than welcome but write first

Out now!!!
 RCP 016 is  IRON DOGS "Free and wild " (South American edition). Professionally duplicated Tape on clear and white shells limited to 100 handnumbered copies, each tape includes a 2,3 cms button. 6 usd + Shipping costs, Colombia 12.000$ + Gastos de envio (SIN CHILLAR , NI MARICADAS!!! ) Trades are more than fucking Welcome (Excepto para Colombia ).

Out Now
RCP 017: POSESION "Demo 1" Southamerican death Thrashing worship at its best, 100 pieces on xerox covers and regular tape, Colombia 7.000$ World 3.5 usd (Postage not included), Trades are the air that we breath!!!


RCP 015: Helldrinking Metal to the vault ALCOHOLIC FORCE (Col) / VAULT (Mal) Split .Expect nothing  and get ready to strike your noses with sheer Speed N roll played from the drunk, violent, nasty and devilish trenches of Colombia and  Malaysia respectively.