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 RCP 016 is  IRON DOGS "Free and wild " (South American edition). Professionally duplicated Tape on clear and white shells limited to 100 handnumbered copies, each tape includes a 2,3 cms button. 6 usd + Shipping costs, Colombia 12.000$ + Gastos de envio (SIN CHILLAR , NI MARICADAS!!! ) Trades are more than fucking Welcome (Excepto para Colombia ). 

Out Now
RCP 017: POSESION "Demo 1" Southamerican death Thrashing worship at its best, 100 pieces on xerox covers and regular tape, Colombia 7.000$ World 3.5 usd (Postage not included), Trades are the air that we breath!!!

We are proud to announce our latest assault in our traditional tape format, this time a communion between two METAL hordes worth to be called UNDERGROUND.

+RCP015+++ Helldrinking Metal to the vault ALCOHOLIC FORCE (Col) / VAULT (Mal) Split .Expect nothing  and get ready to strike your noses with sheer Speed N roll played from the drunk, violent, nasty and devilish trenches of Colombia and the Malaysia respectively.Professionally duplicated tape with DIY labels on each side and pro-covers Limited to 200 copies, Feel free to ask for wholesales, fair trades are the air we breathe and they are always welcome! Rip offs do yourself a favor and stay away from us unless you wanna get a bullet in your head!

World: 5 usd + shipping costs (sales anywhere in this rotten planet / Colombia. 10.000$ + gastos de envío, (no hay rebajas, no hay trades, solo gente seria, no preguntones, no maricones...)

RETURN THE CRUSHER OF POSERS prods proudly announces that the South American tape edition of BULLDOZING BASTARD “Bulldozing the Vatican” is now available and ready to blow the heads of the nastiest BANGERS and whores of the underworld… expect nothing but sheer Black n´Roll Speed Overkill from the streets of the German Underground. Professionally printed tape Limited to 100 hand numbered copies, including extra thick sheet lyrics, certificate of authenticity signed with ink and blood by the band members and label´s representative and a 3, 2 cms button. Get it for 8 usd (world), $15.000 (Colombia) ask for fair shipping costs, Death dealers, warmongers, fair traders, coins, alcohol, your girls and sisters are more than fucking Welcome. HAILZ SATAN!!!